CuLove Designs – Artisan Jewelry

(online only in 2021)
“Earthy. Eclectic. Elegant.” Artisan copper and mixed metal jewelry featuring semiprecious gemstones, vintage jewelry elements, shell and other natural materials. Patrice places particular emphasis on nature motifs, abstracts and timeless styles. Favorite stones include Amazonite, Lapis, Amethyst, Carnelian and Jaspers.  Patrice employs full traditional metalsmithing techniques – primarily with copper – incorporating brass and silver accents, combined with assemblage of wired stone designs. Her studio is located in the village of Richland, near Kalamazoo.
Patrice’s creative focus stems from growing up in the copper and iron regions of the Upper Peninsula of MI. “Our state’s natural materials are my first love. I grew up in a mining family in the U.P. We always had chunks of raw copper, large crystals, rocks & mineral specimens as part of our home décor, long before that practice was embraced as ‘New Age’ or trendy.”
Patrice Mindock, copperamazon@yahoo.com

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November 7, 2020