Sistrum Cafe

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Some people come to the festival for the music….
Some come for the art…
Some come for the workshops…
But everyone comes for the food!

Come and join your friends at the Sistrum Café
for a delicious meal or snack.

This festival nourishes us body and soul.

Click here for more info about
Sistum, Lansing’s Women’s Chorus.

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2017 Menu

Autumn Sweet Potato & Spinach Stew
Colorful bowl of vegan deliciousness

Brazilian Black Bean Burritos
In white or wheat tortilla with or without cheese, salsa, and sour cream

Spinich & cheese mixture baked between
buttered sheets of fillo dough

Spring Rolls 
Fresh, expertly made, vegetarian spring rolls
(limited supply, so come early!)

Pulled pork sandwich
choice of side Asian coleslaw or chips

Lebanese Platter
Vegetarian & meat options

Vegetarian and other varieties, including
crustless for those on low carb plans

White Chicken Chili

Greek pasta, Garden


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