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The 2019 Artist Market is full.

We are looking forward to a wonderful market, full of exciting and creative works!

About the Festival

The 34th Annual Women in the Arts Festival will be held Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at Edgewood United Church, 469 N. Hagadorn, East Lansing, Michigan. Attendees include people from all over the Great Lakes region and beyond. More information about the festival can be found here on our website.

Located at the corner of Hagadorn and Beech Streets in East Lansing, Edgewood United Church is accessible to wheelchairs and includes an accessible restroom. Sistrum, the Lansing Women’s Chorus, will have food for sale for dinner on Friday night and all day Saturday.  Eating and gathering space is provided in the social hall, helping to assure continual traffic through the crafts areas.

The festival site provides space for over 40 booths, as well as limited spaces for local non-profit groups serving women.

Festival Hours

The Artists’ Market will be open:

  • Friday: 5 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm

In addition to the Artists’ Market, attendees will enjoy:


  • Night stage co-produced with the Ten Pound Fiddle
  • Sistrum Café
  • Silent Auction


  • Day Stage performers
  • Sistrum performance
  • Workshops
  • Sistrum Café
  • Silent Auction*
  • 6pm Stage

*Proceeds from the Silent Auction to support the event; if you’d like to donate an item for the Silent Auction, please let us know when you arrive. (We’ll also ask you!)

About the Artists’ Market

About the Artists’ Market

The Artists’ Market is a great place for established and aspiring artists to showcase their talents. All wares/products/services are women-designed/created/grown/distributed and delivered. In addition to being unique sales venue, many vendors note that they enjoy the “vibe” at Women in the Arts.

Using a description you provide to us, we advertise information about your business to festival attendees by listing participating artists and craftswomen on our website, social media outlets, and in the printed program. We encourage you to invite your regular customers to attend, including using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other electronic media. Please let your “regulars” know that you’ll be at the festival!

Please note that this show is for women-made/grown/created/distributed products ONLY and booths should be staffed by women for the duration of the event. Please respect the spirit and intent of this event.  

Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists are women who are just starting to share their art with the public. Some of the ways that Women in the Arts will show support for new talent include:

  • Flexibility for artists who may not have adequate inventory to have a full or half-sized booth for the weekend.
  • Flexibility for artists who have not yet sold their work or are unsure of whether they can make a financial commitment to pay for a booth. (Pay at the end of the event if sales allow).
  • Consultation/advice for new artists who need help with setting up a display and/or planning for participation in an event like Women in the Arts.
  • Artists with additional needs are encouraged to contact the Artists’ Market Coordinator to discuss.

Logistical Information for Artists / Craftswomen


  • Set up is from 2:00-5:00pm on Friday.
  • Friday:       The Artist Market will be open on Friday at 5 pm through the Friday night concert intermission (approximately 9:30 pm).
  • Saturday: Artists and craftswomen may come in at 9 am. The doors open to the public at 10 am. You may begin packing on Saturday at 6:00 pm. If you cannot work within those guidelines, please work with Abby on the specifics of your load-in and strike. We may need to select your location to limit distraction for other artists.


  • A full space is approximately 5’ deep by 8’ long and cost $40, which includes two worker day passes** to the festival. If you need an 8’ table provided, we will provide one for an additional $8.
  • A half space is 5’ deep by 4’ long (a shared table) and costs $25 and includes one worker day pass**.
  • Electrical outlets are available; you must bring your own extension cord.       It is also a good idea to bring a lamp or lighting for your booth as most of the areas require additional lighting.
  • If cost poses a problem, please contact Abby. We are committed to helping women artists get exposure for their work!

**Note that day passes do not include admission to the mainstage shows on Friday and Saturday.

DEADLINE: Applications are due by September 29, 2019. Meeting this deadline does not guarantee your space. Space is limited, and priority will be given based on date of application and seniority. In addition, consideration will be given to our desired goal of having a diverse range of artists and mediums in the Artists’ Market. Again, this show is for women-made/grown/created/distributed products ONLY and booths should be staffed by women for the duration of the event. Please respect the spirit and intent of this event.

Because space is limited, we do not anticipate being able to accommodate all applications. Make sure your application is complete and you thoroughly describe your work on your application and send photos.

REFUNDS: The registration fee is non-refundable. Please let us know as soon as possible if you must withdraw from the show; if we are able to place another artist in your booth, we will do so and refund your money if requested in writing.

ARTISTS’ MARKET COORDINATOR: If you have any questions, need help, or want to explain any of your specific needs, call or text Abby Wattenberg at 810.964.5319 or email msuwattenberg@gmail.com

Application Form

We prefer you use this form to apply, but you can also download, print, and mail your application with this this form: 2019 WITA Registration.

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