2022 Day Stage

Photo by Roxanne Frith

Announcing a very special reunion-themed 2022 festival!

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(Nov. 4 – 1:00 p.m. Nov. 11)
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2022 Festival Schedule

Friday, Nov 11th

Doors Open at 5pm
Artist Market: 5pm - 9pm
Sistrum Cafe: 5pm - 9pm
Night Stage: 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov 12th

Doors Open at 10am
Artist Market: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Workshops: TBA
Sistrum Cafe: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Day Stage: 1pm-6:00pm
Night Stage: 6:30pm

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We are a word-of-mouth, community and volunteer inspired festival.
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 2022 WITA Day Stage Performers

All events will be ASL interpreted

  • 12 pm: Real World Rewind
    Videos from the Real World Emporium and more featuring Terri Jewell, Karen Quinn, Ellen Rogowski and other icons from the Lansing Lesbian community.
  • 1 pm: The Instigators
  • Joyce Hagerman, Suzanne Levy, and Rebecca Hoogstraten
  • 2 pm: Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus
  • 3 pm: Christine Sayers
  • 4 pm: Sometimes Y
    Cindy Lehmkuhle, Lisa Sarno, and Stephanie Hasley-Sarno, Murray Stewart-Jones
  • 5 pm: Murrdawg and the Low Down Dirty Strays
    Murray Stewart-Jones, Jen Sygit, and Tammy Cook

Members of Voices of the Revolution will perform a spoken word piece at the beginning of each set.

  • 12 pm Kim Griffin
  • 1 pm Laurie Hollinger
  • 2 pm Susan Harris
  • 3 pm Lisa Sarno
  • 4 pm Tari Muñiz
  • 5 pm Rina Risper

The Instigators

Joyce Hagerman, Suzanne Levy, and Rebecca Hoogstraten

The Instigators are a Lansing trio with a level of commitment to social justice reflected in their name. Local songwriters Joyce Hagerman and Suzanne Levy team up with vocalist Rebecca Hoogstraten to share their musical vision of a equitable, safe, inclusive future.

The Instigators

Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus


Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus, is a long-time staple of the Womens in the Arts Festival. The mission of Sistrum is creating music that inspires, empowers, and entertains.

Learn more at sistrum.org

Christine Sayers

Christine performed comedy for the first time at WITA in 2007. She is excited to return to the stage and share her unique observations on daily life & the struggles associated with being a middle aged woman with a fondness for cats. In her free time, you can find Christine making an excessive number of therapy rice bags or researching the importance of chia seeds.



Christine Sayers

Sometimes Y

Cindy Lehmkuhle, Lisa and Stephanie Sarno and Murray Stewart Jones

It’s literally been years since Sometimes Y has performed. Life has taken us to three different cities and two states. Leave it to WITA to get these four musician friends back on stage. Who knows what shenanigans will ensue when they reunite with their love of song and each other? Join Cindy Lehmkuhle, Lisa and Stephanie Sarno and Murray Stewart Jones for the joyous reunion of their talents and friendship.

Murrdawg and the Low Down Dirty Strays

Murray Stewart-Jones, Jen Sygit, and Tammy Cook

Long long ago somewhere lost in the abyss of time gone by the band Murrdawg & The Low Down Dirty Strays emerged out of the ashes of musical projects that spontaneously combusted, star crossed lovers that were no longer starry-eyed, and a desire to collaborate and play blues music. The Michigan based band was formed in 2002 and performed regionally until their demise in 2004. What can I say folks got busy and wanted to expand their horizons. A few of the old gang decided we would get together and make music once again. The current line up is Jen Sygit, Tammy Cook, and Murray Stewart-Jones. All of us are still heavily involved in various musical projects. Jen currently performs as a solo artist, with the Americana trio Stella, and who knows what else. Tammy now perform as a solo artist, with Blues band Tad and the Fat cats, and occasionally with The Murray Stewart-Jones Experience. Murray is working on her late in life solo career, plays with her Appalachian Roots/Americana band BackPorchAlibi, and teaches music privately at her studio Jonesbeat Music. Murrdawg & The Low Down Dirty Strays rides again. Coming together to celebrate many years of making music and many more to come.

Murrdawg & The Low Down Dirty Strays

Voices of the Revolution

Voices of the Revolution is an eclectic collective of feminist voices telling truth through spoken word. Performing this year are: Kim Griffin, Laurie Hollinger, Lisa Sarno, Susan Harris, Rina Risper, and Tari Muñiz.