Soulful Earth Herbals


Soulful Earth Herbals is based in Lansing, MI and offers a selection of handcrafted personal care and apothecary products.  Kathaleen Parker, owner, formulates and crafts each product in her brick and mortar shop located in REO Town.  All formulations are made in small batches with organic and/or ethically sourced raw materials to ensure quality and integrity.  Kathaleen uses her knowledge of western herbalism to help guide her formulations and all products are free from synthetic and chemical ingredients.    Offerings include, but are not limited to, soap, lotions, herbal healing salves, herbal oil infusions, essential oil blends, body powders, and natural deodorants.

Kathaleen Parker, kathaleen@soulfulearthherbals.com
Instagram: soulful.earth.herbals


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October 31, 2020