Family Spirits Homestead

Locally grown, home made jams, jellies and pickles.  The variety isn’t what it normally is as COVID has caused havoc for not sure me and my products, but the farmers had a difficult time down here on Ohio River with much produce.

Pickles: Quarts = $12, Pints $7
Ruths Old Fashion Dill Pickles: Pints & Quarts avail
Sweet Lime Pickles: Quarts & Pints avail
Pickled Beets: yellow/orange traditional recipe (sweet/tart) pints only, limited quantities
Green Tomato Relish: Quarts & Pints avail
instead of Chow Chow Relish, I created a new version I call Independence Relish, as I made it on the 4th of July.
jams & jellies: last years vintage: prices 8oz $5, 16oz $9:
Jalapeno jelly 8 oz jars only
Very Berry Jalapeno Jelly, Pints and 8oz jars
Habenaro Jelly 8 oz jars only
Peach Habenaro Jelly 8 oz jars only
Apple Jalapeno Jelly, 8 oz jars only
Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly 4 total 8oz jars
Apple Jalapeno Jelly 1 pint & 5 8oz jars
Hibiscus Flower Jalapeno Jelly 1 pint & 7 8oz jars
Very Cherry Jam Pints & 8oz jars
Rhubarb Jam: pints and 8oz jars
Cherry Almond Jelly 2 pint and 4 8oz jars
Red Rasp jam 8 oz jars only
This years product: 8oz jars $6, pints $11
Cherry Bomb Habenaro pints & 8 oz
Strawberry 8oz only
Elderberry 8 oz only
Apple Butter 8 oz & pint jars
Pumpkin Butter 8 oz only

I will be shipping goods via UPS, and will package up goods in multi levels of padding as well as all goods go in zip lock bags for no leakage. Most orders under 6 jars ship for $13-15. Payments using PayPal. Email is the best way to reach Jellylady!  fspirits1@yahoo.com

Cindi Swartz aka Jellylady, fspirits1@yahoo.com


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November 2, 2020