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Thank you for inquiring into tickets for the festival!

Advance ticket purchases help us to cover pre-festival expenses and are essential in the production process.

Natalia Zukerman’s musical presentation of “The Women Who Rode Away”

Nia & Ness


Artist Market, Workshops, and Day Stage

Access to Artist Market, Workshops, and Day Stage is free of charge! There will be donation buckets at the front door and the Day stage entry if you would like to show your support. We appreciate it!


Ticket Policy/ Reduced prices

Ticket prices are  “more if you can-less if you can’t.” We truly want you to participate even if you cannot pay. E-mail producer@witafestival.com and we will have tickets at the door for you. No need to justify what you can or cannot afford – we’ll take your word for it. Please join us!

Alternatively, you can receive discounted access to the festival by volunteering. As you know, WITA is volunteer-powered. In addition to the committee that works year-round to plan the event, there are many people who make sure the event runs smoothly every year.

Click here to check out ways YOU can give a couple of hours to make WITA the amazing community space it is.

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