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Saturday, 10AM, Theater Room

Chants For Female Rites of Passage, with Ruth Barrett

This singing workshop honors the female life cycle from cradle to grave. Lyric sheets provided. Percussion toys welcome.

Saturday, 11AM, Artist Market

Meet the Artists Roving Workshop

More info coming soon.

Saturday, 11:30AM, Theater Room

Purple Meet and Greet

What is Purple,Inc.? 

It’s a tax-exempt non-profit set up by a group of Lansing lesbians to provide an umbrella and support for local projects that foster our community. If you’ve heard of Purple,Inc. it may be because you’ve seen us in our relationship with WWTLC, the group that has bought The Land (the site of the former MichFest). Purple has been serving as the fiscal sponsor of WWTLC. Members of the board of Purple will hold a meet and greet to introduce Purple–our history, and our mission. And we’re here to connect with womyn in the Lansing area who have ideas for things they’d like to do in/for our community, to see what’s going on that Purple might be able to help with. 

Saturday, 12-12:45 PM, Sanctuary

Drumming with Pele

More info coming soon.

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