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Friday, 7:30pm
Laura Love

Saturday,  1-5pm
Day Stage

1 pm: Jaime Marvin

2pm: Voices of the Revolution

3pm: Sistrum

4pm: Barb Barton

5pm: Su Penn

Saturday, 6pm
Mimi Gonzalez



Laura Love

Friday, November 9, 7:30pm


“(LAURA LOVE) will shake the world. The clincher is her live show…She’s that rare artist who can slip from sensitive folk to hip-hop without skipping a beat.” -Utne Reader

After taking nearly a decade off the festival/touring circuit, to live off grid, grow her own food, and raise her daughter, Laura is again returning to the stage to continue where she left off. She felt “compelled to get back on the road, reach out to other human beings, spread kindness and try to heal,” from what she has described as a “savage couple of years” which left her battling to recover from a brutal assault, followed by the sudden suicide of her beloved sister, Lisa. To that end, she exploded back onto the festival scene in 2017, taking the Kate Wolf, Strawberry, Valhalla and Philadelphia Folk Music Festivals by storm. With these powerful performances she and her stellar guitarist, Terry Hunt, showcased a whole new batch of songs that left audiences leaping to their feet, mid-set and some concert-goers telling her “she was even better than she’d been years ago.” She has expanded her story-rich, socially conscious repertoire to include Field Hollers, Civil Rights Era Songs and Gospel music into her deep catalogue of original songs. Laura is currently recording a new CD of original songs which will be released Late Winter/early Spring of 2018.





Jaime Marvin

Saturday, November 10, 1pm


Jaime Marvin fell in love with music at a very early age.  She started playing drums and percussion in grade school, but baseball was her passion, so it wasn’t until she threw her shoulder out playing on the High School boys JV baseball team that she picked up a guitar.  At that moment, she found her new passion.  As with everything Jaime does, she immersed herself into music and found her soul.  She knew on that day that she would spend the rest of her life playing, listening, teaching, and sharing music with others.

Jaime’s musical background is vast, from playing percussion in the High School band, studying music theory, teaching guitar and drums, being the piano accompanist for ballet classes at the University of Michigan, working at the local music store for over 9 years and then owning her own music store and café, she surrounded herself with music.  She also attended Galloup School of Luthiery, where she earned her Master Luthier Certificate.  Her love for music continued to grow and soon she began to play in local coffee shops where her talent was quickly recognized.  This opened the door to bar gigs and private events, giving her the opportunity to make her living performing music.  She is now a staple of the local music scene and also on Mackinac Island during the Michigan summers.

Jaime has a diverse repertoire, and her musical influences are from a vast array of different genres, but somehow she is able to pull a unique element out of each of those to make her own flavor.  Jaime states, “No matter what I do in music, I will always perform with all of my heart and soul”.  Along with being an accomplished vocalist and guitarist, Jaime has been writing for a few years and has just released her first album.  Jaime is, in a word, raw. . . what you see is what you get.  When she plays, her music touches your soul, she feels every chord, every note, and so do you.

Voices of the Revolution

Saturday, November 10, 2pm

Voices of the Revolution – Note: not all women pictured will be performing.

Voices of the Revolution: Show You Hear is a production of Two Broads and a Butch (Susan Harris, Laurie Hollinger, Tari Muñiz), and celebrates the power of poets such as Pat Parker, Terri Jewell, June Jordan, and more. 


Saturday, November 10, 3pm

A WITA festival tradition!

Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus: Creating music that inspires, empowers, and entertains.


Barb Barton

Saturday, November 10, 4pm


Barb Barton plays guitar with fingers that first touched strings when Barton was five years old. In small or large venues, whether she’s brought one DADDAD-tuned guitar, or four, her audiences love her. Those who don’t want to adopt Barb Barton, want to fix her up with their kids. You like Barton and her award-winning music because you chose her with all your senses. Like you chose your mechanic, your daycare provider, your partner. Her music is personal.

Barton’s music comes from the nameless place that connects brain and heart. As a biologist, she might tell you the location does not exist. As a musician/songwriter, she knows right where it lives. And her music lands precisely on the X at the sweet spot. Think ear reiki. Close your eyes, imagine a soul massage. Picture a Lake Superior mirage. Drench your brain. Music your heart. Count your senses. You sure you only have five?

Now you’ve got Barton’s music.



Su Penn

Saturday, November 10, 5pm

Su Penn came to Lansing in 1990 to take a job at Lesbian Connection, and spent years as an active part of the women’s community in town. She took every opportunity to get on stage and tell her stories, and if you were around back then, you might recognize one or two. These days, she’s writing about her time on the Security/Communications crew at MichFest, so expect something all-new as well.



Mimi Gonzalez

Saturday, November 10, 6pm

MIMI GONZALEZ has been rocking the mic at Prides and protests to cruises and festivals since before being gay was spelled with three letters. She welcomes everyone in the acronym of GLBTEtc through the politic of radical inclusion.  Her life-long agitation and activism is expressed in print through LGBTQ and diversity and inclusion magazines and as a nationally touring stand-up comic.

She’s been called “one of the funniest comics in NYC” according to Backstage Magazine and Provincetown Magazine says she’s “Funny, sexy, sharp, positive…Mimi Gonzalez is a comic, life-affirming force.”

She recently graduated from Mills College in Oakland, California with an MFA in Creative Writing.  Mimi Gonzalez-Barillas values each individual voice and the imperative need to express ourselves and recognizes writing as an immediate and accessible form.  Since 2014, she participates in, facilitates and conducts writing workshops.  Yes, that was a mixed tense sentence. 



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